Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance Products

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Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance Products There are so many insurance companies that offer various types of products with various facilities.

Having a vehicle, in this case a car is not only useful for facilitating everyday transportation. Because the vehicle is also an important asset. If an urgent and important need arises in the future, then the vehicle can be sold. Although the value or selling price of the vehicle will decrease.

Therefore, we need to maintain and guarantee car protection from all risks of damage that could occur. So that the physical condition of the car can remain perfect so that the selling price of the car does not drop too much. Besides that, the benefits of car protection can also minimize losses when we experience loss or theft.

Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance Products

There are so many insurance companies that offer various types of products with various facilities. With so many choices, we must be observant in choosing the best car insurance which is the most suitable and according to our needs.

So how can we choose the best car insurance product? Consider first the following important factors:

1. Company Credibility

Check in advance the credibility of the insurance company that you will choose. Learn in detail about how the company’s reputation is in solving car insurance claim problems. Is it fast enough, reliable and reliable? Also check how long it takes the insurance company to process a claim submitted by the insured. Choose an insurance company that already has a large number of customers and is known by many people, such as applying for online ACA car insurance or online vehicle insurance from MAG.

2. Choose the type of car insurance as needed

Choose a product or type of insurance that suits your needs, such as all risk insurance or total loss only (TLO) insurance.

All risk insurance will provide full coverage for almost all risks that will occur to your car, including major and minor accidents. This product is the right choice for new car buyers and is often used every day.

However, if the vehicle is at home more often, then total loss only (TLO) car insurance is more appropriate. This type of insurance will guarantee vehicle damage that occurs above 75 percent. In other words, the insurance company does not cover minor accidents or damage.

Therefore, before choosing the type or product of car insurance, we must also first consider the condition of the machine, physique, age, and other supporting things which are important factors in determining the type of insurance needed.

3. Study the Policy

Study in detail all types of insurance options that are of interest, then choose the type of insurance policy that best suits your needs and abilities. Also pay close attention to the details of the types of insurance policies based on the benefits and uses that you really want.

4. Don’t be tempted by cheap premiums

As a result of intense business competition, now many insurance companies offer various promos that look attractive. For example, there is a promotion with a low premium price. Even though the facilities we get from car insurance depend on the value of the premium.

The higher the premium paid, the greater the facilities we can get. This also applies vice versa. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a premium value according to your needs and abilities.

5. Dealer Recommendations

We can ask for recommendations regarding car insurance companies from car buying dealers. This will facilitate the screening process in the search for insurance companies that have good credibility.

6. Partner Workshop

Make sure the insurance chosen has a good track record. We can check the network of branch offices or partner workshops. The network of branch offices and partner workshops will greatly affect the claim process when experiencing damage or accidents. Some insurance companies have a large network of partner workshops, for example Garda Oto or Sinarmas.

But in practice, listen to natural survival instinct . Choose the insurance that makes you feel safe and comfortable the most. (ADV/ER)

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