Microsoft’s Top Apps for Android

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Microsoft’s Top Apps for Android – Not too long ago, Microsoft officially threw in the towel on Windows Phone. Cutting their losses, the software giant pivoted to tailor to users’ demand for Microsoft tools on their Androids.

That said, its newest addition is the improved Microsoft Launcher whose release was timed to the announcement of its own browser: Edge. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes Microsoft apps. Here’s our full list of Microsoft tools you can install onto your Android for free. 

Microsoft Launcher

A total revamp of the original (and old) Microsoft Arrow Launcher, this app takes care of most services you’d typically use on Windows 10, rightfully adapting a desktop PC experience to mobile devices.

Not only does its interface look sharp; Microsoft Launcher also sets the tone for installing all of Microsoft’s other official Android Apps, as doing so creates their own design vibe from the get go—just like Google does for its own Android ecosystem.

Now, exactly why you’d want your Android to look like a Windows Phone is your deal.

But, as the old saying goes: different strokes for different folks.  [Download here]

Microsoft’s Top Apps for Android
Microsoft’s Top Apps for Android


We’re looking at another Google spin-off, here. Say Google were to bring a smart search app and their (revolutionary) Google Assistant to the table; Microsoft would show up at the party an hour late but with a virtual assistant that does voice control. And works with Bing.

And has its own tool bar with context-based results for any of your installed Microsoft apps. That is Cortana. Not bad, eh? [Download]


One of the main Microsoft services to hit Android. If you still have a Microsoft account, you can manage your email and interact with other features like Microsoft Calendar or any of your PC Contacts from here.  [Download]

Microsoft Office Suite

Let’s not beat around the bush. Most mid-range users don’t buy into Microsoft Office’s subscription service. That said, Microsoft was very decent in putting out a mobile-version of their Office tools on Android. Much like Google did with their word processor, spreadsheet, and powerpoint tools.

[Download Microsoft Word] [Download Excel] [Download Powerpoint]