Mag Paper Responsive Blogger Template

Mag Paper blogger templates are the best magazine templates With amazing features

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Mag Paper Responsive Blogger Template are the best magazine templates With amazing features you can use on your websites without any problem. This blogger template is fully AdSense friendly and various add widgets are available.

The loading speed of this blogger template is superior, we have used advanced JavaScript code which helps to load the gadget when you scroll down otherwise that it will not load and it will decrease the page size in your blogger template.

In this blogger template we have made a very high level Optimisation, Each widget of this template is flexible along with the theme body, so that template is fully responsive.

Mag Paper Responsive Blogger Template

The main Google Core Web Vitals problem has been resolved in this template with the best optimization. To see the results of our optimization work in this adaptable modern blogger template, use the Google Page Speed Test tool by Lighthouse below.

Additionally, you can check this template’s super optimization using the GTmetrix and Pingdom tools. Performing this will help you get better results and top rankings in search engines.

Mag Paper Responsive Features

Everyone’s top concern is SEO, thus we’re finally the first in the blogger industry to adopt JSON LD, a native feed system that’s doing deals with the blogger’s normal bulky feed and useless javascript codes.

Our new native feed system provides super-level optimization provides greater flexibility and quick indexing to load all Ajax Featured Posts like widgets sections across the template while minimizing the size of the page.

Mag Paper template also has innovative features designed specifically to boost revenue for your website. The Content Pagination function, which allows you to insert buttons into articles using shortcodes, can help you raise the bounce rate for your Adsense account.

Furthermore, the usage of Post Cards encourages users to spend more time on your website and read interesting content related to your topic. There are many more feature shortcodes available in our exclusive latest updated templates.

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