BMoney Investasi Reksadana

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BMoney Investasi Reksadana is a convenient, practical and safe investment application offered by Bukalapak and Ashmore.

Investing in BMoney offers many advantages that make #CuanJadiEasy!

Buy investment products without transaction fees. You can also become an investor starting with only IDR 10,000!

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BMoney Investasi Reksadana

Easy and practical investment, 100% online
You can invest directly, register online in less than 5 minutes.

Thaw anytime

The cash can be disbursed at any time and free of charge, making your investment more comfortable.

Loyal friend investing

You can more easily choose mutual fund products and manage your portfolio with the Smart Filter and Switching features.

Your investment is guaranteed safe

BMoney is supported by Bukalapak, the first e-commerce to have an APERD license through PT Buka Investasi Bersama.

Registered and supervised by OJK

It’s easier to make money because every investment with BMoney is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority.

50+ choices of mutual fund investment products

There are many choices of mutual fund investment products, ranging from money market mutual funds, stock mutual funds to the best mutual funds in Indonesia.

Investment in gold with BukaEmas

Long term investment with gold investment. Through BMoney in collaboration with BukaEmas, investing in gold has become easier.

More cuan with investment promos

Many promos from BMoney that you can use to invest. Register and use the BMoney promo right now.

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Free purchase

For every investment product purchase, there is no need to pay additional transaction fees.

At BMoney, you can invest comfortably, practically, safely, and also make your money easy.

Download BMoney now and start your investment journey! Klik Here

For more info, please contact:
WhatsApp: 0853-1111-1010

PT. Go to Co-Investment

Metropolitan Tower Building Floor 22

Jl. R.A. Kartini Kav 14, Jakarta 12430


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